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thought January 30, 2010

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I am so impressed with the following thoughts that have recently been shared with me that I must write it out so I don’t forget.. as well as share!

On “feelings” I never thought about this until it was brought to my attention. But as we know, words are powerful. We, in our lives have so many different emotions and feelings we experience day to day.. even hour by hour. We can feel sad, mad, hurt, embarrassed, happy, excited, glad, joyful. There is a difference though in “Feeling Sad” and “Being Sad”   The thought is, do we sometimes say we are something that we really aren’t. Do we take ownership of feelings as being a part of us..which then becomes how we see ourselves? If I am really feeling mad about a situation, I am learning to be more precise in my wording. I am not mad, that isn’t who I am.. .but I am FEELING mad. Also, no one person made me mad, but the situaion, or the actions are causing the feeling. I hope that makes sense in my late night tiredness while writting here!

The thought continues that maybe we blame our feelings on other people, and even take personal ownership of them, when really its not the people, or person or whatever… its the situation, the actions, or lack there of.. etc. that is causing this emotion that we Feel.

SOOOOoooo.. We feel. Thank God we do! There is happy/good feelings. There are Sad/bad feelings…   and we can do stuff with them… to bring Glory to God.

In The Good feelings- we can thank him and praise him for them!

In the  bad, we can decide to not take ownership, but to give those feelings/situaions to HIM and rest in his mercy and justice!

It brings me a new understanding of Eph. 4:26 (Be angry and sin not)-

If I can recogize the feeling, and not take it on as part of me.. I can still FEEL, but take it, and bring it to the Lord!


3 Responses to “thought”

  1. heidijoy Says:

    That was amazing & so very true…

  2. Katie Says:

    I am so glad that you shared this with me the other night. It was definitely something I needed to hear. I am trying to be careful in what I say, think, act or portray when it comes to the way I feel.

    This is awesome! I love what you wrote here! Please continue to post because I love to read them!

    Love you!

  3. I’m dealing with this same issue, being careful of what and how I say things. I realize what I say and how I say something so affects all those around me. So thank you for sharing your words of encouragement and advice. It was awesome!

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