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Do I have to have a title? May 15, 2010

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I have the personality that screams ” Don’t hold it in” when it comes to trying to “fix” problems, situations, etc. I have had to learn that I can’t blurt out whatever I want whenever I want…which is very difficult for me to do.  I have a huge peeve, and its when people 1) Lie and 2) Hide their feelings. Now, I k now there is a “time and a place” for everything… but I look at people around me, people I know, people I don’t… and see this big ole’ group of people that make the biggest deals out of the silliest things, for no reason, other then they don’t communicate. What we see isn’t always truth, but it is our preception of truth. What we hear is not always truth, but it is our opinion of it.  Is it so hard to figure out?

We all know what “Assume” means (Ass-u-me) – but so many of us assume, perceive, and for opinions on things that ever even existed in the first place.

In my family, growing up with multiple siblings, we learned early that if we wanted to have a voice, then we needed to use it, and if we had an opinion, that we were free to share it. It was always safe to express our thoughts and feelings with eachother and our parents, with no worry or shame. We could tell eachother “how it is’ without worrying that we would hurt the other’s feelings or blah, blah, blah. We are siblings, therefore our love as a given ( the way we were raised) was unconditional and we never competed with eachother, esp. now as adults, even more so, we can express our hearts and view with eachother, even if we dissagree and still come out of it, like it was nothing. I thank God for parents who were not secreative, who didn’t hide their emotions or feelings, and who raised us to have a voice, and use it, as well as have respect and reverence for God’s voice.

What is with this world of “no winners and no losers” ?? Or the whole ” My relality is not your reality so whatever wisdom from your past you want to share with me, I ignore because times have changed!” This is really how people think now days!

I can honestly say the people we are closest to when it comes to advice, are people that have gone before us.. decades before us. Yes, times have changed, but what we can learn from someone who has been there, can change our life, and mold our future.

I guess I will never understand the selfishness and self-absorbed people in this world. God help me to see when I start to be that way and help me get out quick.. to a pure and selfless person who cares, and loves always…

The most important things in this world, are right infront of us. Family. Friends. Break out of yourself, and start thinking about others.. it really lightens the load when your heart and mind are on what you can do for someone else instead of what they can do for you.

So random I know, but Just needed to get it out. Feels good. =)


Uh Oh.. Spaghetti O’s… March 12, 2010

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The title of this BLOG has an entirely new meaning to me today.  It has been a long few days as my almost 2 year old has had a fever for 4 days, and we are still waiting to see if he has “strep throat”. Nothing we can do to help until we know other then fever reducer.. ahh.

So, Back to the Spaghetti O’s…

I never buy things like this, but in the occasion of sick toddler, and tired Momma, I thought one time wouldn’t hurt. I opened the can, while holding my very needy, not feeling well boy, poured it in a pan, heat it, served it.. All went well right? Then came time to put it in Tupperware with a lid.. with one hand while holding kid in other… and ….

UH OH… (says my son) as I take captive what I want to say….

Spaghetti O’s went FLYING across my kitchen floor in every direction, on my floor, on my counters, all over the oven door and any crevis that exsisted around it…

So I know this isn’t that big of a deal to blog about, but as I was cleaining it up (which isn’t easy) I was thinking about how this little accident was my fault… but it was just an accident. The thought came to me about what I would have said or done or how I would have acted if it was my toddler that had the same accident. Would he have gottten time out? Would I have corrected him?   I was reminded as I crouched down cleaning that we all make mistakes… we all have accidents.  God knows us and he knows our intentions.  . . He loves us and wants to help us in our walk , even when we mistep, or stumble. Even when we make a mess. He is there to help us clean it up so it doesn’t happen again.

I almost cried at the sight of the pasta and sauce covering my kitchen until I literally felt like it was a moment to learn from…

1) Ok, so there is a mess.

2) So what are you going to do about it? If you leave it .. it is going to be so hard to scrub clean!

3) Get down there and get to work to clean it up!

4) Put down the distractions that don’t allow you to focus on the task at hand

5) After its cleaned up, move on and don’t dwell on the mess that once was…


thought January 30, 2010

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I am so impressed with the following thoughts that have recently been shared with me that I must write it out so I don’t forget.. as well as share!

On “feelings” I never thought about this until it was brought to my attention. But as we know, words are powerful. We, in our lives have so many different emotions and feelings we experience day to day.. even hour by hour. We can feel sad, mad, hurt, embarrassed, happy, excited, glad, joyful. There is a difference though in “Feeling Sad” and “Being Sad”   The thought is, do we sometimes say we are something that we really aren’t. Do we take ownership of feelings as being a part of us..which then becomes how we see ourselves? If I am really feeling mad about a situation, I am learning to be more precise in my wording. I am not mad, that isn’t who I am.. .but I am FEELING mad. Also, no one person made me mad, but the situaion, or the actions are causing the feeling. I hope that makes sense in my late night tiredness while writting here!

The thought continues that maybe we blame our feelings on other people, and even take personal ownership of them, when really its not the people, or person or whatever… its the situation, the actions, or lack there of.. etc. that is causing this emotion that we Feel.

SOOOOoooo.. We feel. Thank God we do! There is happy/good feelings. There are Sad/bad feelings…   and we can do stuff with them… to bring Glory to God.

In The Good feelings- we can thank him and praise him for them!

In the  bad, we can decide to not take ownership, but to give those feelings/situaions to HIM and rest in his mercy and justice!

It brings me a new understanding of Eph. 4:26 (Be angry and sin not)-

If I can recogize the feeling, and not take it on as part of me.. I can still FEEL, but take it, and bring it to the Lord!