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Do I have to have a title? May 15, 2010

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I have the personality that screams ” Don’t hold it in” when it comes to trying to “fix” problems, situations, etc. I have had to learn that I can’t blurt out whatever I want whenever I want…which is very difficult for me to do.  I have a huge peeve, and its when people 1) Lie and 2) Hide their feelings. Now, I k now there is a “time and a place” for everything… but I look at people around me, people I know, people I don’t… and see this big ole’ group of people that make the biggest deals out of the silliest things, for no reason, other then they don’t communicate. What we see isn’t always truth, but it is our preception of truth. What we hear is not always truth, but it is our opinion of it.  Is it so hard to figure out?

We all know what “Assume” means (Ass-u-me) – but so many of us assume, perceive, and for opinions on things that ever even existed in the first place.

In my family, growing up with multiple siblings, we learned early that if we wanted to have a voice, then we needed to use it, and if we had an opinion, that we were free to share it. It was always safe to express our thoughts and feelings with eachother and our parents, with no worry or shame. We could tell eachother “how it is’ without worrying that we would hurt the other’s feelings or blah, blah, blah. We are siblings, therefore our love as a given ( the way we were raised) was unconditional and we never competed with eachother, esp. now as adults, even more so, we can express our hearts and view with eachother, even if we dissagree and still come out of it, like it was nothing. I thank God for parents who were not secreative, who didn’t hide their emotions or feelings, and who raised us to have a voice, and use it, as well as have respect and reverence for God’s voice.

What is with this world of “no winners and no losers” ?? Or the whole ” My relality is not your reality so whatever wisdom from your past you want to share with me, I ignore because times have changed!” This is really how people think now days!

I can honestly say the people we are closest to when it comes to advice, are people that have gone before us.. decades before us. Yes, times have changed, but what we can learn from someone who has been there, can change our life, and mold our future.

I guess I will never understand the selfishness and self-absorbed people in this world. God help me to see when I start to be that way and help me get out quick.. to a pure and selfless person who cares, and loves always…

The most important things in this world, are right infront of us. Family. Friends. Break out of yourself, and start thinking about others.. it really lightens the load when your heart and mind are on what you can do for someone else instead of what they can do for you.

So random I know, but Just needed to get it out. Feels good. =)


Inner Beauty May 13, 2010

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Your adornment must not be merely external…but let it be the hidden person of the heart…” I Peter 3:3-4

Today this is on my heart. Inner Beauty. The longing, and striving to possess this, and shine this isn’t as easy as I wish. My heart aches to be still and listen to God in all things, to wait patiently on him like His word says to do. However, my flesh cries to fix things myself, and act without waiting.

Inner Beauty-  God tells us, is to be hidden in our hearts.

I want to have Purity, Selflessness,  be slow to anger, quick to love. Not assuming ,not bickering.. but most of all-at least for me, these things come from waiting.  When I wait for God and don’t try to fix everything on my own, temperance comes, purity comes, and peace and selflessness comes. . .

Things no longer are about me and what I think is right or wrong, up or down, but about God and how he can take up all things in his perfect timing and plans.  Jeramiah 29:11 tells us that He has a plan for us,  plans that are good, and not evil, of future and hope!

For me, I feel like when I choose to act in my “flesh” that I am not recognizing the power in the scripture… I believe that patience demonstrates Faith…. so God must be telling me to Have Faith, and Be Patient!

But, I won’t lie… it is HARD!  Especially when things are wrong, and just plain  undeserved, and flat out  don’t make sense why you or your loved ones are going through “this”. . .

So, what if, I adorn my inner heart with praise… And Thank God that He has gone before me, that He knows my every thought, pain, struggle, and fight. He wants my to be happy and free, and most of all, he wants me to allow him to be in my life, and move in his great Power!

Today, I do Praise Him for all things, good and bad… and ask that He would direct my path, and give me peace and hope, temperance and joy!



Psalm 33:18-22 March 13, 2010

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BEHOLD, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him,

upon them that hope in his mercy.

19 To deliver their soul from death and to keep them alive in famine.

20 Out soul waiteth for the Lord; he is our help and our shield.

21 For out heart  shall rejoice in him because we have trusted in his holy name.

22 Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.

Last night I read the book of Daniel, chapter 9 as well as some appendixes that went with it. Reading it brought to my attention once again how real the Bible is, how very real God is and how soon Jesus is coming back! I thought all night about having the Fear of God in life.  The fear of God isn’t fear as in being scared of him for those who are unfamilar with this term.. The Fear of God is a reverance and obedience for how great and powerful he is… loving and merciful and also mighty Judge and King! He holds everything in his hands. His desire is that we, his kids would HOPE in his mercy and seek after him.  Then he turns to us, he hears us, and he saves us from the darkness we are in without him.

When we trust in Jesus as our Savior, our soul rejoices in this. As verse 19 says ,HE is our help and our sheild.

If we and when we put our fear or our trust in MAN, we serve man. And as we all know, man Fails! When we put our fear and trust in God, we serve God, and he will never leave us or forsake us.

Yes, Bad things do happen. Things that we do not understand. People ask God why… they blame him.  Yet we live in a world of evil, of sin and immorality. God, who created us, and Loves us, and Longs for relationship with us…gave us free will to choose our lives, and our eternity.  God created everything Good.. it is sin that corrupt things!  imagine how it greives him to see his children walking in darkness, pain, sickness….  yet he waits …. for US to want to Love him!

My hope is in You Lord. My sterngth is in you Lord. My Life is in you Lord!


Uh Oh.. Spaghetti O’s… March 12, 2010

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The title of this BLOG has an entirely new meaning to me today.  It has been a long few days as my almost 2 year old has had a fever for 4 days, and we are still waiting to see if he has “strep throat”. Nothing we can do to help until we know other then fever reducer.. ahh.

So, Back to the Spaghetti O’s…

I never buy things like this, but in the occasion of sick toddler, and tired Momma, I thought one time wouldn’t hurt. I opened the can, while holding my very needy, not feeling well boy, poured it in a pan, heat it, served it.. All went well right? Then came time to put it in Tupperware with a lid.. with one hand while holding kid in other… and ….

UH OH… (says my son) as I take captive what I want to say….

Spaghetti O’s went FLYING across my kitchen floor in every direction, on my floor, on my counters, all over the oven door and any crevis that exsisted around it…

So I know this isn’t that big of a deal to blog about, but as I was cleaining it up (which isn’t easy) I was thinking about how this little accident was my fault… but it was just an accident. The thought came to me about what I would have said or done or how I would have acted if it was my toddler that had the same accident. Would he have gottten time out? Would I have corrected him?   I was reminded as I crouched down cleaning that we all make mistakes… we all have accidents.  God knows us and he knows our intentions.  . . He loves us and wants to help us in our walk , even when we mistep, or stumble. Even when we make a mess. He is there to help us clean it up so it doesn’t happen again.

I almost cried at the sight of the pasta and sauce covering my kitchen until I literally felt like it was a moment to learn from…

1) Ok, so there is a mess.

2) So what are you going to do about it? If you leave it .. it is going to be so hard to scrub clean!

3) Get down there and get to work to clean it up!

4) Put down the distractions that don’t allow you to focus on the task at hand

5) After its cleaned up, move on and don’t dwell on the mess that once was…


thought January 30, 2010

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I am so impressed with the following thoughts that have recently been shared with me that I must write it out so I don’t forget.. as well as share!

On “feelings” I never thought about this until it was brought to my attention. But as we know, words are powerful. We, in our lives have so many different emotions and feelings we experience day to day.. even hour by hour. We can feel sad, mad, hurt, embarrassed, happy, excited, glad, joyful. There is a difference though in “Feeling Sad” and “Being Sad”   The thought is, do we sometimes say we are something that we really aren’t. Do we take ownership of feelings as being a part of us..which then becomes how we see ourselves? If I am really feeling mad about a situation, I am learning to be more precise in my wording. I am not mad, that isn’t who I am.. .but I am FEELING mad. Also, no one person made me mad, but the situaion, or the actions are causing the feeling. I hope that makes sense in my late night tiredness while writting here!

The thought continues that maybe we blame our feelings on other people, and even take personal ownership of them, when really its not the people, or person or whatever… its the situation, the actions, or lack there of.. etc. that is causing this emotion that we Feel.

SOOOOoooo.. We feel. Thank God we do! There is happy/good feelings. There are Sad/bad feelings…   and we can do stuff with them… to bring Glory to God.

In The Good feelings- we can thank him and praise him for them!

In the  bad, we can decide to not take ownership, but to give those feelings/situaions to HIM and rest in his mercy and justice!

It brings me a new understanding of Eph. 4:26 (Be angry and sin not)-

If I can recogize the feeling, and not take it on as part of me.. I can still FEEL, but take it, and bring it to the Lord!


Captured & Renewed January 24, 2010

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This word keeps sticking with me.  I started thinking of it as this acronym, the above words being ME. Not necessarily how I am, but how I want to be. This year as God continues to work in me and through me, I want to be one that shows others HIM just by living! I want people that know me, or meet me to leave feeling that sense of Renewal. Refreshed. Energized!

What I have been in the past, I put behind me and I press on toward the GOAL. His Goal! (His, being Jesus!) I want others to KNOW HIM more deeply. I want to know him more deeply!

Can you imagine running into people and them exuding joy and peace, goodness, faith and kindness!?! I CAN imagine it and I am going to look for it. The fruits of the Spirit are real, and I want to dress in them.

Anyone want to join?

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. James 1:5

Spit Happens December 30, 2009

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Spit Happens. This I know.. for my children show me so.

SO as I sit at 10:05 pm… the first time I get to sit down today as the 20 and 2 month old kiddos are finally asleep… I am forced to remember just how much “fun” my day was by the smell coming from my upper left shoulder…. Ok and to be honest down my shirt as well. Spit Up.

Now, mind you this doesn’t happen at night. My sweet little boy is able to contain his regurgitated milk all night long as he sleeps and then feasts off and on throughout the long night.  The day time is an entirely different story and I do know why. For fun and maybe a reason to laugh I will elaborate the day…


5:30 am- Baby punches me in the face. I pat his back. Whack! Fist in the face. Pat,pat,pat… dang it.. now its double time fist punching from my baby boxer. Ahhh… ok, baby eat. Baby fed. Baby back to sleep….

8:20 am- Phone rings. Don’t realize it until the machine picks up. Its a friend who is also a county sheriff. Wants me to call his cell.  I panick. Whats wrong? He never calls this early. Must slowly reach for phone as not to wake sleeping boxer baby from his dreamy bliss. I whisper to hubby “Phone.”

8:23 am- “Hello, Ed? Everything ok?”  “Annette! Yes, I had a horrible night last night!”  “Oh, no, what happened?” “My hair got jacked up, it’s so bad, can you help me!”           I’m thinking: Serious? He is a cop and his bad night was a misshapen hair cut!? You’ve got to be kidding me!

——feed baby, get other baby out of bed. Change diapers. While holding baby… Pour sippy cup of milk and warm wheat pancakes,unload and load dishwasher, start load of clothes——–Baby Spits.

9:15- Door knocks. I roll my eyes. Ed is here, but he said he would be here at 9:30. I am in my pjs, no my hair is not brushed, either are my teeth. Coffee is not made. Kids are up, baby crying, Daddy gone for work. Well, what does he expect? I was just fast a sleep an hour ago!   “Come in Ed, your early… excuse my house!”  (Though I don’t think he cares since he is so focused on his hair!) Baby continues to cry in his baby chair for the next 40 mins while I cut hair.

10:00 am- Hair is fixed. He is happy and leaves.  Baby fell asleep. I rush to throw on clean clothes, brush hair and put back into a messy bun, get toddler dressed. Then wake sleeping baby to dress him. Feed him. Toddler poops. Change him. Pick baby back up, burp him.  Wipe his spit up off my shirt. Lay him down to pick up the clothes my toddler has strewn across the living room while I cut hair. Pick up now crying baby, calm him. Put him in car seat. Carry toddler to car, then baby.

10:45- Arrive at the dentist. Take children to the daycare room, baby spits… AGAIN. Toddler cries… I got up for my appointment.

11:45- Appointment done. Run down the stairs to get my kids. Dentist follows me because he feels bad after seeing me carry both children down the stairs earlier and offers to help carry them back up and out to car. Nice.

12:00 arrive home, but Toddler is just starting to fall asleep and baby has just stopped screaming his head off. Decide to go to McDonald’s for a .99 cent iced tea… so I turn back around.

12:20- Home. Debate. Bring baby or toddler in first. Pick my poison. I decide baby. Once in, he is crying. Get him out. He Spits.  Yuck. Chunky. Lay him on sofa, get toddler and lay him on chair knowing this is my only chance at him napping is letting him do it in the living room. He cries. I say ‘mommy has to feed baby’, and he to my delight nods his head in agreement and nods off to sleep.

12:22- Feed baby. Baby wants to play. Play with baby, make lunch, talk to kids daddy on phone and says he can come home for a couple hours since he has a late appt. tonight. Baby Spits.

3pm- Daddy leaves, toddler wakes. Toddler eats late lunch. And runs off to play. Baby sleeps. I run to the shower. Door open so toddler doesn’t think mommy left him. Urgh.  Hot water. Soap. Smells good. Nice. Spit -up smelling shirt retired for the day. (well that one anyways)

3:15-Door knocks. I’m not dressed. Throw on workout pants and oversized strip shirt. Answer door- and thank friend who I forgot was coming even though I just talked to her for the baby hand-me-downs. Look at myself and think “Maybe I will get to work out today!”

4:00- Read Jesse Bear What will you wear five times. Baby wakes. Baby eats. Toddler wants to play more. Read Jesse Bear again. Play on floor with kids. Toddler hits baby in head with plastic Wii Bat. Time out. Baby goes with mom to start the timer, then to pick up books, back to toddler for hugs and talk, and – guess what? Baby spits. Dang it. so much for  a clean shirt.

4:20- talk on phone to friend. Realize we both need to make dinner. Off to the kitchen.

6- Dinner made. Dinner ate. Start bath, feed baby. Turn off classical baby music that has been playing for past 3 hours. Think to myself I haven’t drank water today. then I get distracted and continue to not drink it!

6:40- Stare at clock .  Wish it was later so I could put kids to bed. What to do?  Toddler wants to play drums with an audience. I cover baby’s ears and cheer him on. Now its on to cars. No, drums… oh wait.. how about play the drums with the cars. Baby eats. Baby Spits.. A LOT this time! I smell.

Until 7:45- Clean house. Carry baby. Lay baby down to  play. Pick baby up. Toddler says he is still hungry. Make oatmeal with peaches. Bounce baby on knee while feeding toddler. Put on “Brainy baby” for toddler. Quiet time. Feed baby AGAIN. Baby spits as I re-load the dishwasher and change the laundry while holding him. Could be the bouncy pressure?!

8:45- Toddler in crib. Baby in arms. Me in rocking chair by the crib holding toddlers hand with my right hand and baby with my left. We pray. . . Peace.  Claim peace. Speak peace.

9pm- Toddler is almost asleep, but remains his death grip hold on my fingers. Baby spits all over my shirt and then proceeds to eat it since he got on his hands. I am stuck- can’t let go of toddler without him waking and screaming. Dad walks in the door. Toddler Up. “Dadddyyy!! Me!  DAAAAAd, ME!”   I sigh. Daddy takes toddler and rocks him. I take baby and clean more house.

9:30- Daddy is out of toddler room, and is “starving” I put pizza in the oven knowing he won’t want what we had for dinner. He eats. Baby eats. Baby spits.. before Daddy gets him of course!

10:05 – I sit down to write my first blog. And smell like spit. My hair is still up in a wet messy bun from my 3:00 shower. I didn’t get to work out. I did manage to read 5 more pages of a book while I went to the bathroom today. I did manage to only stink up two shirts, 3 burp rags and a blanket with “spit”.

10:50. now. Can’t belive I just took 45 mins of time I could have been in bed reading to write on here about my spit-ful day!  But it was kinda nice to get it out, if anything but for me. As someday I shall look back ( as time does fly) and be thankful for my smelly shirt.

10:51- Goodnight!